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Budapest is a gripping city, with full of cultural, art, architectural and gastronomical adventures and a very famous night life for every age. Strange, crowded - world famous - ruin pubs downtown, the Opera, the museums, the castle district, the Duna river and the people live here makes this City exciting. Budapest is also the capital of dental tourism.

My name is Tamas: 8 years experience in managing "dentistry abroad" patients from home to Budapest and back, mainly from Ireland, UK, Germany and from Scandinavia. I'm experienced in arrange everything from the airport to the airport including transfer, accomodation, programs...

If you let me know what kind of plans you have to Hungary I will send you detailed answer in 24 hours, including Budapest programs, exciting days in the countryside with nice wines, castles, thermal spas, historical places or just the calm nature.

Rent an apartment on the Buda side. or come with me and enjoy the landscape,

Do you know the name of the river of Budapest? Amazonas
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