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Madenta is one of the largest dental corporations in Central Europe, serving more than 40.000 patients a year. Hungary Dental organize patients to Madenta from all over the World.

Since its foundation in 1996, Irish, French, Italian, English, German, Austrian and Hungarian citizens have chosen the services of Madenta Dental Group. Our team of more than 40 dentists, 32 dental assistants and more than 60 other staff members are well known and praised for their medical expertise, dedication and hospitality towards patients. The collaborative efforts of this professional dental team enables fast and efficient treatments for dental patients.

The Madenta Dental Group not only consists of dental clinics, but also has its own dental laboratories, marketing and travel agencies and other specialized personnel (drivers, interpreters, etc.), whose job it is to make the stay of all dental tourists enjoyable. One can also find that the Madenta Dental Group is a one stop shop that offers a wide range of dental services, such as Implantologists (oral surgeons), dentists specialised in dental braces (Orthodontists), soft tissue (gingiva) specialists (Parodontologist) and hard tissue (teeth) specialists (Endodontists).

Madenta is a founding member of the Association of Leading Hungarian Dental Clinics, which is a legal body established by the largest Hungarian dental clinics for the purpose of preserving the high standard of ethics and professional conduct of the Hungarian dentists.

Madenta City

Madenta City is the largest clinic in the Madenta Dental Group. Located in the old Jewish district of Budapest, Madenta City can be easily reached by foot from the main pedestrian areas of the downtown. This clinic has 10 dental chairs, 18 dentists and also houses the only KaVoŸ Everest construction system in the region, which produces high quality dental parts from industrial diamonds with the help of 3D computer software.


With almost 89,000 dental treatments successfully completed, Profident is one of the most successful Hungarian dental institutions. This clinic has 12 chairs and 14 dentists, who are friendly, professional and have a considerable amount of experience working with English, Irish, Danish, German, Italian, Austrian and even Japanese and Chinese patients. Profident has excellent accessibility, as it can be reached on most underground lines or from any downtown location by a short walk.

Madenta laboratory
(see presentation about it)

Three key factors necessary for successful medical tourism are attractive prices, speed and professional quality. The Madenta Dental Group runs its own dental laboratories so that it can offer its patients the most rapid, cost effective, and high quality services possible. The close proximity of the two branches of dentistry, (ie. the surgery and the laboratory) are what makes it possible to satisfy the needs of the medical tourists who seek immediate, yet high quality care.
Madenta owns the only KaVoŸ Everest construction system in Hungary (video: computer work), which is widely considered to be the “Lamborghini” of dental technology. KaVoŸ Everest system produces dental replacements with the help of 3D CAD/CAM (Computer Assisted Design/ Computer Assisted Manufacture) technology. The Madenta laboratory won the first prize - fourth time in the last 5 years - from the Hungarian Dental Technologist Guild during their annual competition of the innovative dental work category this year.
portraits about our dental labor

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