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free airport transfer in Budapest
10% from prostethical prices and free accommodation for the first trip (max 5 nights, min 3000 euro dental cost)

extraction: 55 Euro
surgical extraction: 150 Euro
composit filling: 70-105 Euro
Crown (Porcelain fused to metal) 240 Euro
Metalfree Crown(Porcelain crown fused to zirconium-oxide) 380 Euro

Implant with standard (porcelain fused to metal) crown: 930 Euro , Single tooth restoration, (including surgical insertion, dentists fee and all other costs. No hidden prices)

For more informations send us a mail or a text.

Please note: Hungary is not member of the Euro zone, so in the shops, restaurants you have to use hungarian forint (HUF, 1 euro~ 295 HUF). Many place accept euro, but in a different rate (~260-280). If you wanna use your card in a unknown place, please ask if its a euro terminal or just HUF, as it will charge a lot.

We accept cash pay in Euro, and from now we have Euro POS terminal, so you can pay by credit card.

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