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In order to fill a smaller edentulous area or the space left by a single tooth, neighbouring teeth had to be used previously. These teeth had to be ground even
if they were healthy! However, there is another solution now: an implant.

You can see the steps of an implant:

It is a replacement covering the entire surface of the tooth. It is applied when there is only little healthy tooth tissue left due to caries or injury, or when incisor tooth is fixed due to cosmetic reason.

Dental hygiene
Proper oral hygiene, inflammation-free and healthy gum is a precondition of perfectly prepared fillings and partial dentures. That is why it is necessary to clean the surface of the teeth and the area below the gum line thoroughly in order to remove calculus and plaque and afterwards teeth need polishing.

Ozone therapy
Rapidly disintegrates to dioxide and oxygen atoms that react with other molecules easily. It is a very strong oxidizer. It kills bacteria, dissolves acid, consequently acidic effect and also the dissolving of mineral substances are discontinued on the surface of teeth.

About caries
Cavities caused by caries are treated according to the size of the hole.

Metal-free restorations
It is getting more and more important in dentistry to use substances in the mouth that are tissue-firendly, bio-compatible and immunocompatible, so that the body will not recognize them as strange materials, therefore it will not reject them or start an immune reaction against them. These materials are not supposed to pile up in different parts of the body nor to cause diseases. We can hear different opinions about amalgam that has proved to be the most durable material so far, but it raises also the question whether quicksilver as a heavy metal can cause harmful reactions in the body when it dissolves from a filling.

It is a very thin (about 0.5 mm) restoration usually made only for the side of teeth that is closer to the lips.
It is most frequently applied due to cosmetic reasons, for example when the colour of a tooth is too dark, or when its shape is not nice, or when the space between two neighbouring teeth is too wide and so on.

Inlay is a sort of filling that can replace missing tooth tissue, thus restoring a tooth`s anatomical shape, chewing ability and function. Inlay in �rlofog is a more developed solution than a simple filling both in terms of mechanism and aesthetics.

Tooth whitening
Discolouration of teeth can be caused by various reasons, like smoking, consumption of coloured food and drinks, medication and naturally inherited colour or age as the layer of enamel on the teeth is constantly getting thinner and thinner as times goes by, so the yellowish dentine that lies bellow becomes more and more visible.

Tooth jewel
These small stones or figures come in various colours or can be made of gold, silver and white gold or of a mixture of precious metals and stone. They are usually fixed to the small incisor with adhesive.

Full denture (EX3N)
Preparing a removable full denture is the greatest challenge for a dentist as this state indicates that the patient`s previous treatments have proved to be unsuccessfull.

Partial removable denture
The variety of dental treatments is perfectly reflected by the planning and construction of partial dentures. In the case of partial edentulous areas planning for the long run and preparing the most suitable restoration can result in success!

Concious sedation
Patients inhale a mixture of N2O2 and O2 gases during the treatment.

video specs (see photo)
during the time that the dentist prepair your teeth or make a root canal treatment, you can see a film with a special specs.

General anaesthesia
Many of you are scared of the dental chair, the dental engine`s sound, the eventual inconveniences of the treatment. This is the reason for making it possible in our clinic to undergo certain dental interventions in general anaesthesia, i.e. narcosis. If you would like to choose this opportunity, please read our brief notice below.

The location and significance of orthodontic treatment have considerably been changed in the past years. This is, on the one hand, due to the increased aesthetic demand of patient and, on the other hand, to the notable technological development. The purpose of today not only is the formation of healthy and nice-looking teeth, teeth shall rather be adjusted to the harmony of face. We are looking forward to meeting you in our office with the most developed technology of 21st century, high quality services and team that observes the regarding regulations, to provide healthy environment for your teeth giving you beautiful smile that can change your life.

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